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Driven by a passion to excel in quality vehicle maintenance and commitment to after-care service, we go the extra mile to pamper your car with all the attention it needs. Indeed, all matters related to your car are our business. We continually invest our time in research and development of parts to rev up your vehicle’s performance.


Say goodbye to sluggish engine performance, rumbling engine and unresponsive throttle response. Need advice in Open Pod? Talk to us first because not all products in the market will suit your needs, and not all of them justify the amount you end up forking out for. With Pro-jex V2D, the specialist in engine tuning, find out how we can enhance your every ride.


The economy is tough for car owners, who understand the critical role that professional car care plays for the health of our prized vehicles. As such, we urge you to let us help your car to improve fuel consumption and save on unnecessary costs. Increase your vehicle’s mileage with us by reducing your spending with the ever-rising petrol prices, and make every drive ahead a more enjoyable experience.

Because like you, we belong to the community of car lovers too.


Synergy @ KB
25 kaki Bukit Rd 4, #03-93
Singapore 417800

Telephone 6100 7676
Email: [email protected]

Opening Hours
Showroon & Tuning hours: Mondays & Sundays, 9am to 7pm