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Car Accident Claims

Your Car Accident Claim Specialist

Not Sure How To Claim For Car Accident (Third Party Claim) or What To Do After Car Accident?

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Car accident what to do?

Here is the basic step by step guides on what to do after Car Accident.

Step 1:  try to stay calm and check if anyone is injured. Do not admit or discuss liability. If someone is injured, please do not attempt to move the injured person and the vehicles, unless absolutely necessary. Call 995 or 999 for ambulance and police assistance.

  • Exchange particulars with all parties
  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Photo of the other party’s driving license / NRIC


Step 2: Take photographs of all the vehicles involved in the accident and a view of the accident scene. 

  • Obtain the particulars of any witness to the accident.
  • Reporting an accident

Under the Motor Claims Framework (MCF), endorsed by the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA), you are required to file an accident report to one of the Approved Reporting Centres / Authorised Workshops within 24 hours or the next working day, even if you are not claiming on your own insurance or even when there is no damage to your vehicle. If not, your No Claim Discount (NCD) will be affected.

  • Reporting to the police

If an accident involves injury, hit-and-run situation, damage to a government vehicle or property, foreign vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist, a police report must be lodged.

  • Accidents outside of Singapore

Lodge a police report at the place of which the accident or loss occurred immediately. Once you have returned to Singapore, report this incident to us with a copy of the police report. If you need car towing, please call our 24-hour Emergency Hotline @ 8668 7676.


Step 3: Documents needed to make a road accident claim

  • Insurance Certificate
  • IC
  • Driving License

Our Accident Division will assist you in the following on your car accident claims or third party claims:

1. Accident reporting
2. Rental Vehicle replacement
3. Accident recovery
4. Legal aid (If required)
5. Bodily injury (If required)

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